From    optimising    storage    space,    to    adjusting    industrial shelving   and   racking   for   a   warehouse,   the   need   for   storage racks,   shelves,   cupboards   and   storage   compartments   to bring   order   to   your   homes   and   business’   is   something   that we   specialize   in.   By   using   the   most   appropriate   storage racks   or   industrial   shelving   for   your   storage   requirements, you   should   be   able   to   de-clutter   your   home   and   improve your business' efficiency. All   our   products   are   manufactured   to   the   highest   quality standards,     are     extremely     reliable,     able     to     withstand considerable weight and are easy to assemble or operate. With     our     keen     focus     on     service     and     the     exclusive processing   of   top   quality   materials,   we   guarantee   a   100% customer satisfaction. We   strive   to   understand   the   day-to-day   demands   of   your business   and   to   provide   the   products   and   services   to   fill those needs. LET OUR EXPERIENCE WORK FOR YOU 
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NEW PRODUCT !!! Floor Stand with Disposable Gloves, Sanitizer Dispenser Holder and Advertising Board CYS EN ISO 9001:2015  Certification for Metallica Heraclis Michaelides LTD ensuring that the highest quality standards are in place.
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NEW PRODUCT !!! New boltless KnockDown Lockers, also called mountable. Modern design, easy and fast assembly.